D-Tours and Bike & Saddle Journeys now under one roof

31 January 2012

Dear Loyal D-Tourers! On January 15 of this year, I decided to merge D-Tours with the Bike & Saddle brand, Africa's leading Eco-Active Travel Company, thereby strengething our product exposure and overall capacity. Rest assured that none of the products you've come to love and expect over the years will be abandoned or change in any material way.

In fact, the association with Bike & Saddle will allow us to offer a greater variety and choice while maintaining our current price structures and route options.

I trust you will join me on this exciting journey, a natural fit for D-Tours and our guests, and I look forward in welcoming you this year on the trips & tours you've already committed to - or may still commit to. As always, you will have me to blame or reward for your experience, and I hope you will enjoy our new look and feel as much as I do! Be sure to visit our new tours page, re-branded as The Private Collection - where you'll find the latest news and dates for our 2012 program.

In particular I'm excited to be adding a BUSHMAN'S TRAIL BIKE & SADDLE JOURNEY, in October, to our existing portfolio of tours and I'd like to invite you to read more. Please contact me directly for any booking or other enquiries at dave (at sign) bikeandsaddle.com.

Yours faithfully

David Simpson